Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Wonderful...Witches?... of Oz

It's one of the perks of marriage: the First Reader reads the Guardian, so I don't have to. He sent me this brilliant commentary on The Wizard of Oz. I must admit to being surprised by the timing. I mean, it's December. I thought we were supposed to be outraged by racism and bullying ("Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer), date rape (Baby, It's Cold Outside) and more racism (I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas). But no, the outrage industry isn't busy enough banning creche displays and pushing African "traditions" like Kwanzaa. They have to go after nonseasonal outrages as well.

"...the film revels in the violent deaths of “ugly” women, who have houses dumped on them or drown in water that melts them like acid, while the greatest deceiver, the Wizard, simply shrugs and floats away at the end of the film."

Because, I guess, nothing says "empowered woman" like sending your flying monkeys to capture a little girl and her dog and kill her friends.

(Toto could not be reached for comment.)

Read the whole thing here.


  1. Geezzz...I just read the article...first off...Wizard of Oz was a dream, right! So if folks look up the different references to each character in Oz (monkey's, wizard, etc.) they just show the feelings Dorothy was dealing with...and wasn't this movie out at Easter each year and not Christmas....geeeezzzz why do we have to analyze everything now a days....it was a dream movie......

  2. Oy.. I was about to mention the book, but since the article is about the film (decidedly different, if similar in some ways) very well... but still, it's yet another article from the Guardian (it's difficult to spell that title as they intend, considering their history) that could be about nearly anything but simply must slam whoever is in the White House, if that someone has an (R) by their name. I'd be more willing to believe it was UK/Euro vs. USA thing if there had been such articles in the Clinton or Obama years. That wouldn't make it better, but it would be perhaps more sympatheticly understandable. As it is? It's just "He's not kissing our leftist arse, damn him!"


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