Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I cannot tolerate these intolerant songs!

I was gonna do a Christmas songs post... but somebody beat me to it! (Stumbled upon this at Bookworm Room, lack the twitter/internet skills to trace it back and give credit to the originator.)

All I've got left is a few words of censure for the incorrect attitudes implied by traditional Christmas carols.

Royalist: "Hark the herald angels sing, Glory to the newborn King"

Elitist: "The little Lord Jesus, asleep in the hay"

Misogynist and transphobic: "Round yon virgin mother and child" - privileging chastity? And why celebrate Mary for doing something so trivial as giving birth? This attitude is hateful towards childless women, women who want to shout their abortions, and most of all, womyn without wombs or even X-chromosomes.

Anti-Satanist: "To save us all from Satan's toils, when we were gone astray" - blatantly prejudiced. Why does no one ever speak up for the Prince of Darkness?

Oh, sorry about that last. I guess I forgot. The entire outrage mob is already speaking up for him, all the time. Or should that be "xim?"


  1. I'm beginning to think all this additional pointing of fingers since the original uproar about Baby it's cold outside and attributed to "liberals" is more Russian high jinx. For how long have at least the Republicans tried to turn liberal into a negative term? Now the FB memes have gone so overboard on what "liberals" believe and want (little if any of it true) that only the worst of the tin hat crowd could believe it. And yet, so many are getting on board. Great list btw.

  2. You do realize this is satire, right? There's a difference between pretending somebody actually complained about these songs, which nobody is claiming, and taking the existing whinges to their logical extreme.

    That said... last year the UK government objected to the term "pregnant woman" in a UN treaty because it excluded the transgendered. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/its-not-women-who-get-pregnant-its-people-w3mmzbgwh

    Is there any room left for satire?

    BTW, I think you overestimate the Russians.

  3. Oh yes, I DO realize it is satire, but trust me, there are a few on that list that apparently really are being attacked besides the Baby It's Cold Outside. These appear so out of line that one can only think trolls or the religious right are behind it. So tired of it.

    And your true-life example only proves the point that PC and the overly cautious are making life unnecessarily difficult for the rest of us. In all things we must be all inclusive and there's no room for humor. To the point that actually one does have a difficult time telling satire from reality.

    Sorry I didn't make it clear how much I enjoyed reading this list, laughing all the way! :-)

    1. What? Some of those songs really are being attacked? Sheesh, why does nobody tell me these things? And I don't actually care who's behind the attacks, I just wish everybody would lighten up a bit.

      It's definitely time for a break. As of now, I'm going on a news and politics diet for the rest of the holiday season. Not going to read anything but but fantasy novels and arts and crafts blogs until next year. Too many more important things in life -- cookies to bake, packages to wrap, grandkids to spoil.

  4. Too true. I feel beaten down by the news. Well, not just the news but how it is being dissected and hypothizised and opinionized and speculated to death, the same screeds day after day even if the actual news itself is evolving or changing. With so much important stuff going on, how can an hour news program only focus on one or two related stories and ignore the rest.That is my rant and also why I take a local newspaper.

    And yes, the criticism is for real. Are you sure you want to know? http://tinyurl.com/y8mp5bjy

  5. Oh, good Lord. You're a vicious woman. I need some brain bleach after reading that!

  6. LOL - Well, you know how misery loves company! I did try to warn you. ;-)

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