Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Color explosion

I've been browsing in Cecile Meraglia's blog, Aventures Textiles. She's posted some white-on-white embroideries that are breathtaking in their austere beauty... but they're not good inspirations for me at
this time of year. Too bleak!

The Christmas season has been difficult for me ever since my father died on a Christmas Eve. It was a long time ago, but... well, he did not have an easy or a peaceful death, and in the days leading up to Christmas each year I tend to get hit by flashes of memory that I could well do without. So I'm in a mood
for color and noise and lots of it. This piece of Cecile's, titled, "Red Sun," suits me today. I like the bright colors popping out against the black.

And it reminds me that even a black mood can be overlaid with brightness.


  1. sorry for your loss and for the sad association with this time of year. Try and think of a good memory of your father that will make you smile..

    1. Good suggestion! I'm trying to overlay those flashbacks by remembering some of the awful jokes he liked to tell.

  2. Beautiful reflection worth remembering on our dark days. My bleak holiday is the fourth of July, the last day spent with my husband. The next day he was taken in a traffic accident. That's been 18 years ago but still casts a pall over celebrations on the Fourth. However, as you say, we can add some brightness if we choose. As the song says, may your (holiday) days be merry and bright, in spite of what memories lurk beneath.


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