Sunday, December 16, 2018


"Mom, she's crawling!"
"Yeah, right."
For the last month the Youngest Grandchild has been getting up on her knees and elbows and rocking back and forth as if putting all that energy into the project will magically create forward motion. I've stopped holding my breath in anticipation of this particular milestone.
"No, she's really crawling! Wait till you see the video! She figured out how to move her knees and she went right across the room and filled both hands with her big brother's toys!"
(thoughtful pause)
"Lego blocks. Crayons. Choking hazards everywhere to be picked up...I'm screwed, aren't I?"
"Yes, dear."

And now, having watched the video a mere five or six times, I think I'll get down on my knees and elbows and rock back and forth for a while. Who knows, maybe it'll magically create forward motion in this morass of a half-plotted book.


  1. Nothing like those 'grand baby' memories!!! I know you'll cherish them as much as 'mom' does!

  2. Who knows? It might. I think the ideas get jiggled around and fall into new patterns. But I generally use long walks.

    1. I used to use long walks, but the knees won't put up with that any more. They probably wouldn't like the rocking back and forth much either. Have to come up with something else, I guess.

  3. I may try that rocking bit myself . . . :-)


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