Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A particular talent for seeing hidden connections

A Tapestry of Fire

Once again, I'm trying to entice readers into a story with the chapter headings:

1. A particular talent for seeing hidden connections
2. Two truths and a lie
3. Something fishy
4. Practical demonology
5. The ice princess and the floozy
6. The imminent prospect of being unmasked
7. A rajah’s palace
8. Headstrong, reckless and irritating
9. ‘What is your good name?’
10. ‘I have no fiancĂ©e.’
11. Two thousand pounds of water
12. Loaded for grackle
13. A destructive force of nature
14. The jewel in the forehead of the idol
15. The experience of being a fish
16. Bombers’ moon
17. Falling stars
18. The death of a city
19. An order is an order
20. Lampposts wilting like flowers
21. ‘London can take it!’

1 comment:

  1. More than a couple of those are most intriguing, yes.

    And I've already computed how many gallons of water...


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