Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Plus ça change....

So I bit the bullet and bought a new laptop. It has arrived. There's only one little problem: they forgot the battery!

Oh,it works ok when it's plugged in, it's just that I don't like to be tethered to the wall when I'm working. Our house is old and lacks the plethora of electric outlets desirable for today's world, so plugging anything in near the spots where I write involves scrambling around behind furniture and shouting "Is the power strip on now?

So after a rather fraught conversation today with Amazon Support, they've promised me a battery by two-day shipping. The only catch is that for some reason they cannot send the battery on its own; they propose to send me an identical laptop from which I am supposed to extract the battery, stick it into my machine, then return the new laptop sans battery to them.

I really, really hope this replacement HAS a battery!


  1. Oh, I'm using a LOT worse language than that!

  2. Amazon is doing weirder and weirder things to rectify what appear to be blatant mistakes on their part. I think they have gotten way to big and are losing control. Fingers crossed that this very strange solution of theirs pans out in your favor.


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