Friday, October 13, 2017


The battery has arrived. I charged it overnight. Today I opened the computer and... wait a minute. What was I working on? Well, those are really terrible notes for Chapter 7; I have no idea what they mean. Maybe I'll get up to speed if I re-read the last couple of chapters.

[Reads chapters 5 and 6]

Maybe a nap would help.

[Discovers that ear plugs don't do much about the leaf blowers next door]

Oooookay. Evidently the computer is charged but the writer is running on empty. On the good side, though, that annoying little tic in my right eye that developed a few days ago has gone away. So... maybe by tomorrow my brain will be back online.


  1. Well, THAT made me smile. When I saw the post heading, I was afraid it was the new battery that was fried, or that it somehow had fried your computer! Oh, it's just YOU that's fried. Well that's alright then. A little break & rest will put that right. :-)

  2. Right! I'm self-repairing. Today I can actually remember what the story's about.

  3. You are too do bring smiles to your blogger friends!


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