Friday, May 29, 2009

Wimberley mini-vacation

And a very pleasant couple of days it was - until the homecoming. We stayed at the Creekside Inn, which has a wide green lawn meandering down to Cypress Creek with wicker chairs here and there for guests to sit and read, or just watch the creek flowing by. The public room inside (think living room squared) was decorated with glass art from the studio of local artist Bill Meek.

Then...we came home and faced up to the reason for our flight - fogging for roaches! It's been a relatively dry May and they've been showing up, not single spies but in battalions which all my scrubbing in the kitchen has failed to eradicate. I doubt that setting off a few fog bombs will do the job either but there certainly were a lot of dead roaches on the floor when we got back. Ickkkk. And then, of course, every dish and surface in the kitchen had to be scrubbed.

I need a scullery maid.

There hasn't been much time for art in these last few days, but last night in an insomniac moment I stayed up trying to turn one of the photos of cypress roots into a header for a fairytale:

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