Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Even in 100-degree weather, watching vinegar evaporate isn't all that exciting. So today I went through my synthetic scraps and yarns to find sheers and laces and yarns for the fiberarts group meeting on Thursday. We're meeting at my house for a few months (until the usual hostess finishes ripping out the middle of her house and replacing it) and several people have expressed an interest in making lacy fabrics like this scarf, which I did by trapping frivolous scraps and laces between two layers of Solvy, stitching the bejesus out of it, and washing out the Solvy. So on Thursday night I'm going to try and run a mini-workshop for those who are interested...they can assemble the sandwiches on the dining room table before stitching them in the sewing room, where there is hardly room to swing a cat. (Not that I've actually tried. Galway is much too dignified to be swung and much too heavy for me to try it without risking back injury.)

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