Wednesday, May 20, 2009

These pics illustrate two variations in one piece.

Variation 1: use only threads and yarns


Variation 2: instead of rinsing out all the Solvy, just give the piece a quick rinse and mold it over something to make a 3-D piece

This little bowl was formed over a spherical paperweight with a piece of SolvyLace made from leftover ends of yarn and given only a quick swish through the rinsing water. First I wrapped the paperweight in Saran wrap just in case the drying Solvy decided that its destiny was to adhere forever to the glass, then turned it upside down and found a cup to hold it in that position, then molded the damp SolvyLace over the bottom half of the paperweight (so that the resulting bowl would have a flat bottom. It spent the afternoon drying in a sunny corner of the back yard before I removed the paperweight and Saran wrap and tried to get a good shot of the bowl. The first picture should give you an idea of the delicacy of the piece; the second picture shows its true colors in sunlight (ok, except for the corner that wound up in shadow. That's one of the catches of using a camera without an optical viewfinder; in really bright light it's hard to see the screen and realize what you're actually taking a picture of.)

Variation 3 coming tomorrow!

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