Thursday, January 14, 2021

Aslan at the Stone Table


This morning I was reading this list of companies that have moved to cut off President Trump and/or his supporters and donors and feeling mildly puzzled. Their complaints against the President seem no different from the ones they've been voicing for the last four years, and he's almost out of office. Why now?

Without for a moment comparing President Trump to Aslan, I am reminded of a scene near the end of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. After Aslan has surrendered to the White Witch and she has him securely bound on the Stone Table, her followers crowd up to the table to taunt and jeer in a way they'd never had the courage to do earlier. 

That's what it is, I think. These nasty, cowardly little bullies feel safe now. In six days Biden* will be anointed as FICUS (Fraud in Chief of the United States - thank you, Sarah Hoyt). They will control the White House and both branches of Congress. What better time to stand up bravely and spit in your enemy's face than when he's bound and powerless?


  1. Maybe... but more likely is that those that make the decisions in those companies have an affiliation with another group that is trying to weaken the competition. Trump may be the specific target, but he's just the current leader of the actual target. It would be interesting to know what the majority shareholder makeup looks like for these companies...

  2. We left the Left too long in charge of education. Right now it's too late for the Right to overcome all of those years of neglect.

    1. It is not too late to overcome those years of neglect. You do need to start now.

      The Charleston County School District has been violating civil rights of students by running a random search program. That's no way to train Americans in their civil rights.

      They are so secure that nobody will ever care that it's actually up on their web site. Look for yourself

      That's not just a violation of the federal court case saying that searches can't just be random. It's also a violation of the state law saying that South Carolina adopts the standard of that specific court case.

      These guys are way over the line. I wouldn't be surprised if yours are too.

  3. Trump as Aslan is a stretch too far for me. Instead, it's us at the Stone Table. Trump will be gone soon, back to hawking Trump Steaks and running his second-rate hotels while we'll be left to be carved up by the Elites.

  4. The Usurper and The Whore will have a real problem with legitimacy.


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