Sunday, June 17, 2018

Magic gardens

Well, from my point of view it might as well be magic. People appear, plants appear, drip watering systems happen and suddenly the First Reader likes to spend evenings on the back porch, looking at all the new green stuff. I do have to fight down the occasional twinge of guilt that we're buying this splendor instead of doing it ourselves.

(stomp stomp stomp Look, idiot, there are things you can't do yourself, and some time in the last forty years landscape gardening got into that category. You think you're up to shoveling a small mountain of dirt? No? Now shut up and enjoy the greenery. stomp stomp stomp)

Okay, I think I got that under control now.

He's put wind chimes on the back porch. They go nicely with the chorus of cicadas.


  1. Wow! The 'garden' area is coming out beautiful! There are finally times in our life where someone else should do these things for us...even though we have to lift our hands and dig into our wallet...better to do that type of digging! HA

  2. I was just bemoaning my pitiful excuse for a container garden on my back deck which I can see from the living room couch and every time I pass to and from the kitchen. I envision lush full planters when I buy the starts that have enticed me back into this. Occasionally I get there as the summer progresses, some years more blooms than other years. But as if to rub my nose in how amateurish my back deck looks at this point, I got invited by the very nice retired lady in the adjoining half of the townhouse to see what she had done. I already knew she was a serious gardener, after hearing stories from her also retired husband of the big gardens she kept at their house before her knees and other health issues for both of them sent them looking for a smaller less demanding place. I was so tempted to ask if she could come over and make my area look as nice! If you've got the money to do it (and even if you don't), just enjoy someone else with expertise doing the heavy work. :-) It's looking great!


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