Saturday, December 16, 2017

Gun research

The Organizer and her future husband are coming over today and I'm going to pick his brains about guns; why rely on the Internet when you have experts practically in the family?

Those of you who've read some of my books know that firearms don't play a large part in the stories. In fact, the only bit I can remember is in Flameweaver, which begins with Tamai's search for Martini-Henry rifles to help her tribe defend against Russian aggression.

However, the upcoming urban fantasy series has two issues I need to get right - no, three, but the First Reader resolved one by telling me that Glocks don't have a safety. I've also got what I hope is a funny scene in Book 2 where a CIA agent is yelling at the TV about the mistakes in a spy show, and a tense scene in Book 3 involving a sniper with a scoped rifle.

And who better to vet those scenes than an ex-Special Forces guy who has a gun collection and goes to the range regularly?

Finally one of my daughters is bringing someone useful into the family!


  1. Now this would be an interesting conversation to listen to! Have fun! Great way to do research I'd say!

  2. Oh, yeah! He told me more about guns than I really needed to know for the story, but it was all interesting. For instance, he said that the M16 is a cranky beast and that you need to clean and oil it every chance you get. Despite the official story that it's very robust!

    I'd heard that before, from friends who came back from Vietnam, but I wasn't sure how much to discount their grousing given that they hadn't been thrilled about being drafted and were, if possible, even less thrilled about being 11B which guaranteed they'd be trudging around in the jungle.


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