Thursday, December 21, 2017


The third book in the STARS fantasy series, An Annoyance of Grackles, is done! Well... except for reading it five or six times for typos and infelicitous wordings, because I never catch all of them on one reading. But I won't start that until after Christmas, and if possible I won't start plotting a new book until after New Year's. Oh, heck, let's be wild and reckless and not get back to work until Epiphany.

This book is a little shorter than the first two. But in the spirit of Lincoln's "A man's legs should be long enough to reach the ground," I'm going to declare, "A book should be long enough to tell the story."

Now, apart from wrapping presents, I plan to kick back and do nothing writing-related beyond saturating my brain with Orkney folk-lore and Regency manners, for the historical fantasy in the back of my head.

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy the so called "time off"! HA Enjoy the holidays and best to you in the new year!


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