Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Youtube catch

Didn't take long to discover that one...

Every time I hear a familiar dance tune, I think, "Hmm, wonder how they choreographed that one...wouldn't hurt to just take a look."

On the good side, browsing through Youtube has reminded me of a minor Strauss operetta, Zigeunerbaron, which I haven't heard since one time in - I think - West Berlin, as a student, when I was too broke to buy any but a "pillar seat," which meant exactly what it said: a seat behind a huge pillar that blocked most of your view of the stage. There's a reason why I said "heard."

Same problem, of course, occurs here. Not having seen anything the first time, I really want to watch the snippets available on Youtube!

Add that I'm looking up romantic triangles in Bollywood musicals for Book Three (honest, this is going to be relevant) and that I love watching Bollywood dance numbers, and my concentration is pretty well shot. Time to invoke some serious will power or I'll never finish plotting this book.


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