Saturday, November 4, 2017


The first draft of A Time of Stars is done. I write pretty clean first drafts, so this really does mark the end of the heavy lifting. A couple of proofreading sessions, a pass by my beta reader, and it'll be ready for blurb,cover, and Createspace and Kindle formatting.

On the advice of Dorothy Grant, an expert on indie marketing (as well as a fine writer in her own right; go read Scaling the Rim), I'm going to hold this and A Pocketful of Stars back until a third one is ready, so that I can release them all at once or close together, thus making series fans happy.

There's a stack of stuff that I've been putting off (not to mention the infamous stack of laundry, which appears to gave been breeding more clothes since I last looked at it) but today I'm going to do a Scarlett O'Hara: I'll think about it tomorrow.

Right now, I'm going to put my feet up and listen to The Merry Widow.

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  1. Good for you. Celebrate! You've been working hard. I like the idea of holding the whole series for one or quickly consecutive release. If there's too much of a lag between installments, my poor memory struggles to remember who these people are and what they were doing when last I spent time with them. I'm waiting less than patiently for the 3rd installment of Kameron Hurley's World Breaker series which was supposed to be out this fall but for reasons that she has apologetically explained to her readers, it won't be out til next year sometime and she's working on something else which was contracted for a release early in 2018. I feel for her but by the time I get my hands on that last book, it will have been several years and I'm already thinking I'm confusing some characters and storylines in a Tad Williams series he is taking up again with some of her storyline and characters. I could go back and read her previous series while I wait, but I'm afraid that will just bury my memory of the World Breaker Saga even more so have shifted to other books on my list that are nothing like these fantasy sci fi worlds. A long explanation for my saying good on ya. ;-)

    And good luck with the breeding laundry...


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