Friday, June 23, 2017

Ransomware out of thin air

Twice in the past six months I've had my browser (Chrome) seized by ransomware. (The second time was ten minutes ago.) In both cases I was able to recover by shutting down immediately, waiting a few minutes, and restarting. But it makes me nervous.

I try to practice safe browsing: never click on unverified email links, avoid sites I suspect to be dodgy, etc. Again, both times it happened I was doing nothing unusual; this time, reading another writer's blog which I visit frequently.

Anybody else have this experience? Any ideas what I should do to avert the ransomware demons?


  1. I use Norton and haven't had any does sneak through....

  2. I too use Norton (360) and have never had an issue and it has snagged several doozies over the years and kept them out of my system. It's on both computers, one with firefox and one with Chrome. The sudden ending up on a bad site that without Norton would have caused me no end of pain almost exclusively happens on chrome.

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