Monday, September 14, 2009

More beadery

Wish I had something to put up here besides pictures of beadwork, but that's about all I've been doing lately. Vernon suggested I excerpt some of the new stitches from Spikes, Loops and Fringes in case anybody wants a preview of the new book but I'm in a mild depression which makes concentrating on the book feel terribly, overwhelmingly difficult.

I can still stitch beads on Ultrasuede, though; in this case it's relatively few beads and a handful of Swarovski crystals because I wanted to showcase the blue pietersite cabochon, not my wonderful bead embroidery. I've been fondling this cabochon for a couple of years; it's scary to commit one of my favorite rocks to a piece of beadwork, but after all the Austin Gem and Mineral Show is in just 5 weeks and if I were at all short of pretty rocks (which I'm not) there'd be every chance to restock then.


  1. That's really beautiful Margaret, the beading goes so well with the cabochon. I can see why it is one of your faves, that is a special piece. Sorry you're dealing with depression these days, it sure is hard to do anything when in the midst of that.

  2. This piece is just lovely!!! I refer to your Embeadery book OFTEN and I mean OFTEN! I love that book and I'll be one of the first to purchase your 2nd book! Keep us posted!!!

  3. Margaret, it's gorgeous. Soothing for your soul, I hope..


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