Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Strong Women Day

Today, June 10th, has been declared Strong Women Day by the Quilt Mavericks - in honor of strong women everywhere in our lives and in history - the ones who got us where we are now, the ones we look up to for leadership, and the ones nobody knows about who are quietly calling up the strength to free themselves from bad situations and to define their own lives in the face of fierce opposition.

(I will demonstrate my own strength now by not whining about the fact that Esterita Austin had to cancel her trip to Texas. No workshop - at least not this year. Oh well, at least a lot of my crumpled hand-dyes have now been neatly pressed and folded.)


  1. One of the most elegant whines i've ever read grin

  2. AWESOME Margaret! We are a great lot of crafters, artists, and women aren't we! WOOT WOOT!

  3. I am sorry about Esterita cancelling, I am happy for your fabric. Great post on Strong Woman Day. You rock!


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