Monday, June 1, 2009

Selecting fabrics

So for once I was actually able to pull out the fabrics I wanted without throwing the entire contents of my stash all over the room. (Probably because I wanted to use hand-dyed fabrics for the background and my stash of those is getting dangerously low.) Actually these particular background fabrics aren't quite what I want...too bright, and not enough interesting texture...especially the bottom one, which is a tablecloth that I dyed in overly bright colors several years ago and never did anything about. So the next step is to take them into the workroom and go over them with some more layers of color and texture. That should make for an interesting few days.

I haven't decided whether to use the black pinstripe, the solid black, or both for the site plan figures. Will probably have to cut out some bits of both and pin them up against the background after I've worked those bright orange fabrics over for a while.

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