Monday, October 21, 2019

Famous last words

I try to respect the privacy of children and grandchildren by not publishing pictures of them online (too bad, folks, the poisonous nature of the Internet is depriving you from seeing some awesome cuteness -- what's that? You don't mind? You've seen enough pictures posted by doting grandparents to last you a lifetime? Oh, all right). Still, this isn't so much a picture of the Marauding Hun as an illustration of her impressive binkie collection.

"She's not using those things after her first birthday." So spake her mother, the Organizer, a couple of months before that event. The Hun is going on eighteen months now and, well, you can see how well that worked out.

Definitely my descendant. Chances are that in another 70 years she too will be grappling with the embarrassing problem of an extremely large bead stash and a roomful of fabric that she can't bear to part with and realistically isn't going to live long enough to use up. Or, who knows? Maybe she'll continue to specialize in pacifiers.


  1. Any chance of Kindle versions of "Lost in Translation" and "Mathemagics"? and "No Earthly Sun" and "Tamai"?

  2. I wish, but it's not up to me. My understanding is that the publisher (Baen) holds all rights to those books. My agent has made some attempts to get them to admit that they've let the books go out of print and that the rights should revert to me, but so far she has not been successful.

    By the way, the last one (should you wish to bother looking for a battered paperback copy) was titled "Flameweaver." Tamai was merely the protagonist.


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