Sunday, July 7, 2019

Happy Saba Saba Day!

Two years living in Mombasa. Kenya's Independence Day is December 12, Tanzania's is December 9, and both those anniversaries have faded from my memory. But the day I always remember is this one -- July 7 -- 7/7 -- or Saba/Saba in Swahili. When I looked it up just now, all it really commemorates is the founding of the country's main political party, TANU. Strange -- in my cynical old age, I don't think of the founding of political parties as anything to celebrate! But I still remember Saba Saba Day celebrations in both Kenya and Tanzania. Did they make more a fuss about 7/7 than about 12/9 or 12/12? Or... is it simply the euphonious date I recall?

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