Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thank goodness that's over

"That" meaning either the Kavanaugh confirmation circus, the 5 weeks of feeling too sick to write, or the 6 weeks of cloudy-and-rainy... all together left me with nothing to say that anybody would want to hear.

On the bright side, all that rain has inspired the basil to burst forth gloriously; I'm feeling well enough to take advantage of it and fix pesto for dinner; and an exhaustive (and exhausting) series of medical tests, while failing to account for the long miserable spell, have found that I am clinically perfectly healthy. And now I actually feel well enough to take advantage of that theoretical health!

So: pesto, as I mentioned; walking up and down the house to remind my muscles that they're not retired yet; and getting back to the unfortunate characters whom I abandoned at a particularly difficult moment (one of them just caught fire.)

And having read and/or rejected a vast number of lightweight genre novels (constant reading was a way not to think about the unpleasant aspects of illness) I'm in dire need of more fluff. And, in general, I need to discover some new writers. Anybody have any recommendations?


  1. I empathize with the battery of tests that end with "good news - they all came back negative!" Well, not good news at all if you still feel not right and they can't figure out why. But happy to hear you are on the mend anyway. :-)

    If you haven't read this yet, give "Today Will Be Different" by Marie Semple. What a fun romp, quick moving, nice ending. Some younger references lost on me but overall, I enjoyed this book much more than I would have expected. It was one of those that I really didn't want to put down. I should check out what else she's written.

  2. You have my sympathy on the whole being ill front. I wish I could offer more than sympathy. Perhaps have a cup of tea to celebrate, or is that too British?


    1. Coffee for this hick American. I couldn't drink coffee for a month! It was like being pregnant.

  3. Oh no...well, glad you are on the mend...thought all those books fell over on you!!!! Take care!!!

  4. Ursula Vernon's Castle Hangnail, though I stayed up WAY TOO LATE reading it the first time.


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