Thursday, May 24, 2018

The best thing in life

The main character in the Applied Topology books would say it's the exhilarating experience of teleporting through the in-between. Her sidekick would take Churchill's position: "Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result."
I think I've got them both beat, though sometimes I lose the thread for a little while.
It’s been a somewhat trying couple of weeks. Hence the failure to post; I’m not a nice person when in pain, and something – probably a period of rapid changes from cool to hot to cool, with rain and sun alternating – has given my arthritis new power to overwhelm. It even interfered with writing for a few days, because suddenly it was painful to sit with the laptop in the room I’ve been using and I have had to find a different setup.
So… I’ve been feeling sorry for myself and whining nonstop, until this morning I realized that it was way past time to count my blessings.
During the worst of the pain I couldn’t concentrate enough to write, but it didn’t stop me gazing besottedly at my new, beautiful granddaughter or exchanging funny memes with her mother.
And in the four days since I found a new writing setup, I’ve crashed into A Mask of Djinn full speed and have knocked out four chapters.
That I actually like.
And there is nothing, nothing, like the high of telling a new story. How lucky is that? I’ve got this thing I do that makes me happy and that I can continue to do despite increasing physical limitations. Sometimes other people actually like it too and tell me so. (Two new Amazon reviews for A Pocketful of Stars certainly contribute their share to the present euphoria.)
So, onward and upward. (And pass the aspirin.)


  1. Have you thought of using an app where you just speak and it types out your 'words/thoughts/books'....I can identify with the arthritis pain. I have RA and at times you are physically sick in addition to the pain. Hang tough!!!!

  2. These health flares can be so discouraging. Because in truth, there IS a level of discomfort and pain that locks the brain and all one can do is grit the teeth or succumb to it until it passes, at least into a realm of tolerable. Diversions as you mention are so welcome, as well as those positive reviews. Glad you have found a workaround to the work may continue while your brain is all fired up!

  3. I don't seem to be too good with voice recognition apps; maybe I'm too impatient to put in the time training them. Anyway, even with the arthritis I can still type really fast, concentration is the hard part! I'll probably get motivated to use voice recognition once the arthritis gets to my fingers.

    For now... I'm finishing Chapter 6 and forging on! There's nothing like having an alternate world to live in during these little problems.


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