Friday, October 18, 2013

More making your own beads - and a solution

The Misadventure of the Fabric Beads didn't teach me to stop looking for the most difficult way to solve a problem. After all, fabric and wire aren't the only things I have in the monster stash. I also have 2-part resin(of which more later), stuff to make the resin different colors, and an ice cube tray for making itty bitty hexagons.
So I mixed a lot of resin,colored some of it green and some blue, and randomly poured resin and mixed colors. After giving it time to set, sanding the sharp edges, and drilling holes, I had...well, a little more than a handful of resin beads.
I like these a lot better than the fabric beads, and they're definitely going on the wire across the top of the window, but, you know... I've also got these fantastic chandelier crystals that I want to have dangling down from the wire, and they are...not lightweight. And some of my old lampwork beads that I'm not doing anything else with; also not lightweight. So I stirred the bead box and stared at the two cup hooks on either side of the window and thought about the weight I was asking them to carry, and finally came to the obvious solution.
It's surprising how many places do not sell little white cup hooks. But I finally located these, and Steve put them up for me last night,and wasn't it clever of me to marry a tall man?


  1. looking forward to the end result!

  2. I am visiting from Robbie's blog. Your sheer beads are beautiful. I shall be spending time to review your other posts over a few days. Creative Bliss...


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