Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Never Tamper With a Christmas Tradition

Many, many years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and our daughters were too small to read a calendar, I made a couple of simple little quilts to help them count down the days to Christmas. The top one is a Christmas tree and the bottom one is a street scene, and there are 25 velcro-backed "ornaments" which get transferred one by one to the tree.

This year I was having a head cold and otherwise distracted from Christmas and didn't bother to put the quilts up. After all, the "children" are twenty-somethings now, both living away from home, one in New York. Surely they wouldn't care...

Wrong. The Fashionista arrived from New York, looking amazingly grown-up and sophisticated in her City Black outfit, and demanded, "WHERE ARE THE CHRISTMAS QUILTS?"

Within minutes the girls had unearthed the quilts and hung them, and then they took turns moving ornaments so fast ("After all, we have a lot of days to catch up on,") that I got only one unblurred snapshot.

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