Friday, November 19, 2010

Has it really been a year?

Okay, this is embarrassing. I spent a good part (well, actually a really bad part) of the last year slogging through the worst depression of my life. Along with most other things more complicated than breathing, this blog was abandoned. I couldn't bead. I couldn't sew. I definitely couldn't do something so audacious as posting my work out in public, acting as if anybody would be interested in it.

Well, that phase seems to be over. I started Making Stuff again a couple of months ago; today I photographed a small wall quilt and I'm going to put up a couple of the pictures. Right now. Before I start to hyperventilate. Before I talk myself out of it. After all, it's not like anybody would still be looking at this blog when it hasn't been updated for a year, right? So I'm basically talking to myself here.


  1. Well, I'm here reading you. I added you to my reader from somewhere recently I think, I can't place it so maybe not. Anyway,I didn't realize it was you, Margaret. I know you from the AQL list, love your beaded embroidery and your novels too. Nice to find you again.

    BTW, this seems to have been a tough year for a lot of people, me included. I can empathize with the "worst depression" part, although I have had spurts of creativity and continued blogging but not nearly at the rate normal for me. But I too am emerging, think the worst of it behind. Feels ever so good...

    Sheila in Idaho

  2. Funny..I was going to email you the other day! I just started working on my November BJP and had to go to my favorite bead book!! EMBEADERY!!! for some beading ideas (which of course I found!). I'll be blogging about it tomorrow. SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK! And I love this piece..tell us more about it!!! And more detail shots, please!! (yes, I too am a follower so I was excited to see a post from you again!)

  3. I did a 'bleep on my blog' today about your WONDERFUL book!!! Thanks again!!!

  4. You are definately NOT alone! I abandoned beading and my blog for many months. I seem to be just recently coming out of a fog. I'm not sure what to call the funk I was/am battling.

    I too, subscribe to your blog in a reader and it was nice to see a post from you again and to see that you are creating once more.

    Hang in there!

  5. Sheila, Robbie, GraceBeading, thank you so much for your comments. You're making it much easier for me to creep out from under my rock.

  6. Glad to see you're back! The quilt is beautiful and I can't wait to see more.... :)

  7. I am reading, you suddenly bobbed up again from my favorites. Glad you are back in the world of making again.


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