Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beaded Forest

All the inspiring photos from Santa Fe are in my head, alas; I spent a LOT of time in art galleries, trying to absorb the essence of pieces we can't possibly afford to buy. (Basic paradigm here being, if it's shown in a Santa Fe gallery, we can't afford it).

I've been beading and finishing pieces like crazy, though. This one I'm calling In the Forest of Myth - rather a pretentious name for a pendant that fits in the palm of my hand, but that's what I was thinking about while beading the piece; deep forests with branching tree trunks lost in foliage, with spirit faces and birds with Messages - it all started with the cabochon, which makes me think of deep green pools in among brown and golden trees.

You can do a lot of thinking while beading even a small piece.


  1. You are right, you can think a lot while beading. I have some of my most profound thoughts while creating pages for the BJP. I've learned a lot about myself too. I have never had that experience while sewing or crochet!

  2. Wow, Margaret. That is fabulous and kewl. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Funny, i am working on a series of forest pieces. this is gorgeous


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